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Gastric Sleeve

Central California Surgery

Bariatric Surgeons located in Modesto, CA & Stockton, CA

The premier team of surgeons at Central California Surgery employ their expertise in bariatric surgery to offer weight loss services to those in need. With practices in both Modesto and Stockton, California,  serving Modesto, Stockton, Fresno, and the surrounding areas, these qualified doctors have extensive experience in gastric sleeve surgery. With a reputation for successful weight loss and low rates of complications, this type of bariatric surgery is a popular choice for those who wish to overcome the health problems associated with morbid obesity.

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Gastric Sleeve Q & A

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, like other weight loss surgery, is reserved for those living with morbid obesity. This procedure reduces the risk for detrimental health problems that often arise in individuals living with obesity.

What are potential benefits of gastric sleeve surgery?

Patients opt for gastric sleeve surgery because it offers many benefits to overall health and wellness. These potential advantages include:

  • Reduction of hunger
  • Shorter operation time: Compared to gastric bypass surgery
  • Doesn’t require rerouting of intestines
  • No dumping syndrome
  • Adjustments aren’t necessary
  • No foreign objects left in the body
  • Weight loss occurs gradually over a span of 18 months

How much weight can I expect to lose following gastric sleeve surgery?

Most patients are expected to lose about 60% of their excess weight (different from your total weight). Implementing daily exercise can help the patient exceed the 60% mark, while reverting back to poor eating habits can thwart the 60% loss of excess weight.

Maintaining healthy habits post-surgery is critical to keep the weight off. Following this life-changing procedure, it takes arduous effort to maintain a healthy diet, routine exercise, and a positive mindset to motivate you.

What does recovery from gastric sleeve surgery look like?

Recovery varies among patients. Some are able to leave on the same day, while others may spend a day or two recovering in the hospital. The doctor may review expectations and recommendations that follow your discharge:

  • Sipping liquids constantly to keep from becoming dehydrated
  • Difficult or painful bowel movements
  • Medications for pain and reducing acidity
  • Monitoring your activity: It’s advised to walk but not to lift anything heavy
  • Bathing in a hot tub isn’t recommended for 3 weeks after surgery, as it may increase risk for infection
  • Waiting anywhere between two to four weeks after surgery to return to work: Depending on your healing process and physical capabilities

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