Success Story: Nikki P.

Well, it personally took me five years to have the gastric bypass! I was severely obsessed and had a hard time walking and running and just basically I was ready for a change. I got to be really overweight and I had the attitude where I didn’t care what happened to me because I was so big and unhappy. I was borderline diabetic and my thyroid was having issues as well .. my doctor told me the best thing for me would be weight loss surgery. So I kept thinking about it and finally wanted to start the process !! 
A person that really encouraged me to have the surgery was my older brother Bubba. He actually has the surgery in 2007 and he lost so much weight and become so healthy and he was able to do life !! He was my inspiration and I was excited at this point. 
I had the surgery on November 22, 2017, and it was the best decision of my life !! I am now two years post-op! I’m healthy and I’m able to enjoy life as I should! I can walk a lot, fun and I’m able to do things with my nieces and nephews .. I am able to ride roller coasters and just enjoy life !! I would do the weight loss surgery all over again in a heartbeat! 
Remember “Difficult roads leads to beautiful destinations, your journey isn’t over yet “
-Nikki Pate

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