Success Story: Mike G.

My story started in 2014 with a knee replacement failure. Due to multiple surgeries on my knee and being mostly bedridden for about 3 years, I gained more weight than I thought I could. I was depressed all the time and ate my worries away but that didn’t help and I ate out of boredom.
Due to eventually having my leg amputated in June 2018, my ortho Dr. suggested I get weight loss surgery and I wanted to get it as well. I went to the Central California Surgery Center and started my journey to losing the weight I gained.
On December 5th. 2019 I had the Gastric bypass surgery. My heaviest weight was 321lbs. The day of surgery I weighed 301lbs. I am almost 3 months post op and I am happy to say that because of the tool I was given I am weighing in at 250lbs to date and still losing. Thank you Dr. Coates!!

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