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Success Story: Joey S.

DS Loop Surgery

"I was always a big guy. It never stopped me from having friends or getting a job. When my weight got up past 450 pounds it started to effect everything. A friend posted that picture of me on the field on social media and I thought to myself, “who’s that fat guy?!” Never did I think it would get that bad, at the time of that picture I was 469 pounds!

I decided to make a change for me. Went to my doctor and he recommended Dr. Coates. Started watching what I ate and attended the seminar in June 2017. My surgery was in February 2018 and I got down to 444 pounds.

After the surgery the weight fell off. It was hard to find foods that agreed with my new stomach, but when I did I just stuck to those. It was not easy and every day is a challenge but they only thing that I would have changed would be to have done it sooner! I’ll be two years out from my DS Loop in February and two months out from my panniculectomy as well. I’m currently at 175 pounds and I honestly can’t remember being this size in my adult life. From a 6x shirt to a large one that has room in it and 58 inch jeans to a 32. I’m happy with this tool and would like to thank the Coates family for giving me my life back."

-Joey S.


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