Doctor of the Month: Dr. Matthew Coates, MD

Here are what the patients are saying about Dr. Matthew Coates

"Thanking Dr. Coates for last May’s surgery!! I’m down almost 90 pounds with a sleeve, I remember him coming into the room before surgery and talking with him, he’s very likable very professional & I’m so grateful for this tool!" -Lori A.

"Thank you, Dr. Matt Coates, for the surgery, January 15th" -Deborah B.

"Thank you doctor Coates you saved my life." -Nina T.

"I’m schedule to have my surgery hopefully soon, by Dr. Coates. It’s good to hear good feedbacks from his former patients." -A

"Dr Coates did my loop ds 12/20/17 & my panniculectomy 12/17/19, I've lost 108lbs and my life is changed completely. So happy with my results, thank you for everything!" -Lisa G.

"He did my gastric bypass surgery on Oct 8th and he is an amazing and attentive doctor, thanks Dr. Matthew Coates." -Nessie H.

"Great doctor awesome bedside manner very kind and gentle" -Tammie B

"Felicidades Él me operó ami también" -Dulce S.

"He was very kind and passionate" -Jenifer

"You seem like a very personable guy great bedside manner. I know exactly what to expect he was very thorough" -Brian H.

"He did such a great job! I was very pleased and had no pain or conplications" -Roxana G.

"Awesome Job no pain no gas down 268 from 318 12-11-19 was my date" -De'Mond M.

"He was a fantastic surgeon! I had ZERO gas, very minimal pain, and was very reassured as it was my first surgery ever!" -Valorie A.

"He is amazing, I had no gas pain and I'm feeling good" -Deborah B.

He did my second emergency surgery he found the bleed and stopped it so I’m pleased that I made it through 2 surgeries in 1 day" -Shar H.

"He did my sleeve 11/20/ was amazing being able to talk to Dr. Matthew Coates and Dr. Huber before surgery to put my nerves at ease! They are incredible individuals" -Frances C.

"Love him! He did great and I only had nausea issues that had me stay a couple extra days but it was normal to have after surgery so he did excellent" -Crystal B.

"He is awesome" -Ramona P.

"My Hubby has him do RNY and we loved him" -Jolyne S.

"I did too and I'm happy" -Tracy M.

"Awesome!" -Gema M.

"He is an amazing Doctor. My heart failed during surgery 2 years ago. He saved my life and was still able to give me my tool. I am now a size 8 and 154lbs. He did everything right and took the time needed to make sure my health was #1 and that I survived to be able to become the healthy mommy I am today. I owe my life to that man and am eternally grateful that I chose him as my dr." -Moriah M.

"He did my standard DS. No gas, no nausea, most important to me, no pain!" -Denise T.


"He did my loop DS on 11/18/18. I had no complications. I've lost 140 pounds since surgery" -Kelly M.

"Patrick did my surgery and Matthew followed up. Loved them both" -Dena M.

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