Provider Spotlight: Dr. Coirin


"He was super amazing to me!! He would come and check on me to make sure I was doing good." -Candice Arellano


"Dr. Corin did not do mine but I had to be rehospitalized and he was my doctor while I was in the hospital. He is an amazing doctor. He did do my moms. At the time I had mine he was in a different practice and he was not in my network. Dr Matthew Coats did mine and he is amazing also." -Becky Slater Sanchez


"Dr. Coirin walked in the morning on 10/21/19 ( doctors of Manteca hospital ) was his first case talked few minutes about the surgery an explained everything. Went with the gastric sleeve an also repaired my hernia at the same time. I’m very thankful for his awesome job recovering was smooth after surgery. Very thankful for the opportunity for this tool to help me receive my weight loss goals!" -Chad Harris 


"Dr. Coirin did my RNY 3/30/18. He was kind when I met him in the hospital and made sure I knew what was going to happen and if I had any questions. I had an extremely positive experience, great recovery and have been very happy with my choice and results." -Laura Littlefield-Hunt


"Dr.Coirin did my gastric sleeve. He was very honest with me in regards to expectations and stating this is just a tool! His bedside manner was excellent. If I had to do it all over again I’d choose him every time." -Stephanie Howells 


"Dr. Coirin performed my Ds Loop Surgery on July 20th, 2018. He also removed my Gallbladder and fixed a hiatal hernia. He is the most amazing & kindest doctor. I am 91 lbs down..." -Tamara Reponte


"It was a difficult surgery with some complications but he corrected a lot of problems including removing several large masses from my liver that had to be biopsy and his bed side manner was so caring and he did a good job helping me manage my nerves while waiting for results as well as managing my pain . He’s a very professional and caring Doctor" -Shar Holiday 


"Dr. Coirin removed abnormal looking moles/growths on me when he was at Modesto Surgical. He also removed my son's appendix while at MSA.  He didn't do my wls surgery but anyone who has had him as a surgeon was truly blessed..very kind, compassionate man. He is thorough and thoughtful in his treatment of all patients, and he MOST DEFINITELY loves his surgical toys. Great doctor! PS--I also worked with him at MSA, as a Medical Assistant, I personally witnessed his wonderful treatment of many many patients...the office staff adored him!!" -Kelly L. Keye


"Dr. Coirin performed my RNY over 15 years ago. He also reversed it and this year he performed the gastric sleeve. He also took out my gallbladder. I highly recommend him. No regrets." -Deborah Stoffel-Fox


"Dr. Coirin did my surgery back in 2008 (Lapband) I had complications and had to have my band removed when I was 3 months pregnant!! He was reassuring me the entire time and explained in detail what was going to happen, and of course he had labor & delivery on stand by to monitor my baby’s heartbeat. Band was removed and in addition he repaired 3 hernias while he was in there! 5 months later (August 2016) I was rebanded by him and I couldn’t be happier ♥️ he’s the best!" -Melva Hernández Roman


"Dr. Coirin did my surgery on October 30 did a wonderful job my scarring is not bad and he also remove my gallbladder from what he tells me it was a very difficult job because it was full of stones I have not had any real problems or any inconvenience with my surgery I’m very happy" -Melecia Garcia


"He didn't perform my surgery, but hs was there for me when the ER doc admitted me for CDIFF and helped calm my fears. Also diagnosed an Ulcer and got me back to health an right back on track. The weight melted off after and I'm down from 289 to 153... Dr.P. Coates had a lot to do with that also. my new tool.. On my 3rd year of being healthy and loving it. Thanks Docs." -Charla Weatherford 


"Dr.Coirin did my RNY 8/20 I met him the day of surgery. A very nice man and he put me at ease. He spoke to my daughter and answered all her questions. I would recommend him." -Robin Orta Moralez 


"I had standard DS 8/13/19. He was awesome, he did hernia repair, appendectomy and tightening abdominal wall... and I had no pains after day 2, it was amazing recovery!!! I would recommend him!" -Rhonda Solus 


"Dr.Coirin is the best... very nice person. I highly recommend him... God bless you Mister Coirin..." -Maribel R. Leyva 


"He did my gastric sleeve on June 5th 2019 he did a great job! He’s an awesome doctor." -Marisol Garcia 


"He was amazing to me. I had the ds loop on February 27th 2019." -Miller Katie


"“Dr corin did my RNY on 12/19/19. He also removed dead tissue from previous surgeries, he is a great surgeon. I had complications a week after and he took care of it will recommend him to anyone who wants to have bariatric surgery.” -Martha Rrs 


 “I sat back and informally reviewer people’s experiences, Dr coirin was my first choice from day 1, why? Idk gut feeling!? My surgery took longer than expected because of an enlarged liver but he made it happen.. no complications so far and he took me off my diabetic med at the hospital, he talked to my family and when I thanked him for being the best surgeon he humbly said “We all do well” would chose him again said it was a tool and enforced lifestyle changes I’m 2 months and a week out.” -Cassandra 


“Dr. Coirin did my sleeve in Dec 2017.. he was so nice.. explained the procedure then explained to my husband the repairs he needed to do while he was in there (haital hernia).. I have never had any complications and would definitely recommend him to anyone searching…” -Sara Florez


“The first time I met Dr. Coirin, I knew I would choose him to be my surgeon. He made me so comfortable through the entire process. I had two procedures done with him and each one was a success. He is amazing, patient, and has changed my entire life! He has a heart of gold and truly cares for everyone he comes across! I definitely recommend him!” -Mary Nisan


“Dr. Coirin did my gastric bypass on July 10th. He is an amazing surgeon, and a wonderful hands on doctor. He fixed my hiatal hernia while he was in there as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting ready to go for surgery” -Jessica Ford


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