Doctor of the Month: Dr. Patrick Coates, MD

Here are what patients are saying about the amazing Dr. Patrick Coates!
"He was my surgeon!! He really put my son and I at ease!! I had complete trust that everything was going to be alright thanks to Dr. Coates." -Michelle Caliriquen 
"Sleeved 12/14/16. Thank you Dr Patrick Coates. Good Dr. and kind man!" -MrsRee Evans 
"Dr coats thank you for your talent I have losted 100 lbs and I have my life back I smile and laugh now I can get up and go with my family may God bless you" -Ramona Patzan 
"Dr. Coates- What can I say; truly a life savior. In 2005 I weighed in just shy of 300 lbs. Having a couple of comorbidities, he performed a RNY. I lost 75lbs. Over the years, I stayed basically the same weight given a few pounds either way. Still needing to lose basically the same amount - another 75 pounds. I was praying what to do. Felt led to call dr. Coates office. Who knew that there was something called a revision. Thank you Dr. Coates I am now off all of my diabetic meds and feel like a new person. Thank you dr. Coates for giving my life back to me." -Karen Green 
"Doctor Patrick Coates holds a special spot in my heart not only he gave me my life back to a healthier life but he also saved my life when I had my skin removal surgery he is my Hero someone whom admire so much in my book he is the best and God will bless him always for helping so much people love you my sweet Doctor Coates May the Lord Bless you and your Family" -Susy Diaz 
"I was in your hands may God continue to fill you with blessings" -Dulce Dulce Sanchez 
"He was my doc and did my RNY . He was very nice and made me feel comfortable. Congratulations" -Annette Dominguez 
"He was my Doc for DSLOOP. Very kind, personable, knowledgeable caring doctor. I thank you for forever changing my life. Best thing I have ever did for myself. You saved me. Congratulations." -Linda Imfeld 
"Thank you Dr. Patrick Coates! You gave me a second chance at life! You’re amazing and may you bless many others with your gift. You’re the best!" -Gloria Mendoza 
"He's one of the best doctors. Thank you. --Gastric bypass march,10 2015." -Marisol Medina 
"He’s a great dr he did my gastric bypass July 31 2017 and I am so great full" -Lupilla Valencia 
"He did an awesome job on me June 17th,2019 im 5mos post op with no complications. He is an amazing doctor" -Liana Garcia 
"I had him for my RNY and he also did my Aunts surgery and thanks to him he saved my aunts life! Glad I chose Dr. Patrick Coates for my Doc... he should be MD of the Year" -Jayme Murillo Rams Babi 
"Best Dr ever, cares and follows up on his patients. He did my gastric bypass in 2013, Distal Revision in 2018 and hopefully soon my Panni. Love him, he gave me my life back, of course with Gods help. God Bless you Dr Coates." -Morayma Cruz Mendez 
"Gastric bypass 2013 and saved my life from a 3 liter blood clot from gallbladder surgery 2014. I owe this man my life!" -Wendy Matthews-Rios 
"I was extremely impressed with Dr. Patrick Coates when I went to my first seminar I was lucky enough to get him as my surgeon for December 12 and I am so excited that I did get him he is such a nice person very knowledgeable of what he does which makes me feel extremely safe congratulations Dr Coates´┐╝ I was extremely impressed with Dr. Patrick Coates when I went to my first seminar I was lucky enough to get him as my surgeon for December 12 and I am so excited that I did get him he is such a nice person very knowledgeable of what he does which makes me feel extremely safe congratulations Dr Coates two thumbs up from me" -Christine Graham 
"He has great bedside manner, he speaks to you and not at you. What more can I say, he gave me a tool that has changed my life." -Gary Burns 
"He changed my life gave me all of what I had lost. I will never be able to thank him enough for how he has changed my life forever." -Brandi Jackson 
"Dr. Coates did my DS Loop on 4/17/19. I love how he explained everything right before surgery and helped put my fears at ease. Papa Coates was very nice and seemed to genuinely love his work. Couldn't have asked for a better surgeon!!" -Krysi Adams 
"I seriously love reading all this.(even though its not for me) I'm due to have surgery dec 18th . Seeing how much he has lifted your worrying and him being so kind/caring I feel confident he will be the best doc for me." -Rosemary Mercy  

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