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Clear Liquid Protein Supplements

Clear liquid protein supplements

Knowing what protein supplements are ideal options after bariatric surgery is so important. However, not everyone has the same preferences and every store carries different options. This makes it challenging to find products that work within your own preferences.

Below you will find a few popular brands of clear liquid protein supplements that are ideal for the first week or so after your surgery along with additional information on why they are helpful and what to look for when reading protein supplement labels.

When to Begin Drinking Protein Supplements

After bariatric surgery, protein supplements are very important with helping achieve your protein goal and also to help with staying hydrated.

However, when you begin drinking your protein supplements on DAY 3 after your surgery, we do recommend beginning with a clear liquid option. 

The primary focus of the first week after surgery is to stay hydrated. So we really aren’t worried about protein goals in the first few days after surgery as you are recovering and  focusing on water and staying hydrated. Remember to take very small sips, consistently throughout the day.

When trying a protein supplement for the first time, clear liquid options are best tolerated. You would also want to sip on them slowly throughout the day. One protein supplement may take you 1-2 hours to finish. That is okay, especially in this first week as you adjust to your surgery.

Benefits of Clear Liquid Protein Supplements

These types of protein supplements are a lot easier on the stomach as they are a lighter option compared to their creamy counterparts. Since you are on a clear liquid diet for 7 days after surgery, we do recommend beginning with a clear liquid protein supplement as well.

They are great for individuals that are lactose intolerant as well and are typically better tolerated. 

Reading Protein Supplement Labels

Regardless of the type of protein supplement, it is important to follow certain guidelines. If you do not read the nutrition labels for protein supplements, it is very easy to accidentally select one that has too much sugar or not enough protein. Please double check the label prior to purchasing any supplement.

Nutrition Labels

Product Highlight

Here are a few examples of clear liquid protein supplements that work great after surgery!

If you’re having trouble finding these products at your local store, I suggest doing a Google search. They can be ordered on Amazon and found online at Walmart, Target, and locations like the Vitamin Shoppe. 


Give a few of these products a try and see what you think! Being prepared for surgery helps reduce stress and will increase your confidence in your own ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery as well. You got this!

Katie Ott, MS, RD

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