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Celebrating Valentine's Day After Bariatric Surgery

Celebrating Valentine's Day After Bariatric Surgery

Valentine’s Day can be a challenging time for anyone that is trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and creates many opportunities for high sugar and unhealthy foods to creep into the diet.

While it may feel impossible to think of ideas that support your new healthy lifestyle to celebrate this holiday, there are many more options than you might think! 

Take a look at the ideas below to get inspired!

Incorporate Some Physical Activity

Going on a date or spending time with a loved one doesn’t have to involve sitting around for long periods of time! Try getting your blood flowing with a few outdoor or indoor activities.

A few examples include going on a nature walk, hiking, attempting axe throwing, bowling, taking a couples dance class, enjoying a bicycle ride, or walking through the park holding hands are just a few options!

Date Night Ideas

Sometimes it’s easy to do the same type of a night out when thinking about spending time with a loved one. This typically would involve going out to dinner. However, there are so many other great options to change it up a bit!

For example, there are fun pottery locations in most towns that allow you to pick an item (maybe for the other person), and paint it however you like! The store will fire your pottery and after a few days will be ready for pick up.

Other options include playing top-golf, enjoying a round of putt-putt golf, billiards, stay in and watch a movie or go to a show, take a couples cooking class, visit an escape room with friends, or explore the local Zoo

Sharing a Meal

On Valentine’s Day, many restaurants have special 3 or 5 course menu’s that are often very high in fat and calories, not to mention the high ticket price! When going out to eat, try to share a nice meal at a restaurant. This will help reduce the total cost of your meal while still enjoying your special day. Another option is to cook something special at home together.  

Alternatively, who said you have to celebrate Valentine’s day on the actual day? Enjoy a nice breakfast in bed the weekend before or after the holiday. 

I recommend doing your best to avoid “saving up” your calories for a large meal at the end of the night. Continue to maintain a normal schedule as best as possible to avoid overeating or over indulging on foods due to being so hungry by the time that meal comes around.

Food Free Gift Ideas

A thoughtfully written card, bouquet of flowers, jewelry (it doesn’t have to be expensive- it’s the thought that counts), a gift card to a local spa or nail salon,tickets to a game for sports fans, or a new type of perfume or cologne are a few crowd pleasing suggestions. 

All of these suggestions can be modified to fit within your budget! Perfume can be purchased in sample sizes, Target has some adorable jewelry and watches for affordable prices, and they do sell single stem roses for a much lower cost than flower delivery services. 

Additionally, if times are financially hard, try writing a handwritten heartfelt note or simply take over cooking dinner that night and let your significant other relax and visit while you cook.  

Bariatric Friendly Desserts

For those that had their surgery about 4-6 months ago or beyond, here are a few bariatric friendly recipes that you may find enjoyable this time of year!

Be mindful of portions as well, and remember to take small bites, chew each bite thoroughly, and savor your dessert. The recipes below are from 2 amazing Bariatric Blogs. Click on the links below the recipe to check them out.

Mixed Berry Protein Chia Pudding  Serving Size: 1/5 of recipe | Calories: 270 | Fat: 19 g |Carbohydrate: 10 g | Fiber: 6 g | Sugar: 4 g | Protein: 10 g

Chocolate Mousse Dip with Strawberries  Serving: 1oz | Calories: 61kcal | Fat: 1g | Carbohydrates: 9g | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 4g | Protein: 5g

Katie Ott, MS, RD

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