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15 Ways to Sneak in Fitness

15 Ways to Sneak in Fitness

With the holidays approaching, our lives become increasingly busy with holiday shopping, family or friend gatherings, end of the year work deadlines, and vacations to name a few. It can feel near impossible to incorporate exercise or general activity into the day, but it might be a little easier than we might first expect. 

We tend to feel that exercise should last 30-60 minutes in order to count as activity. However, even 5 minutes spent doing an activity that provides stress relief or feels good to the person can help in so many ways. 

This includes experiencing increased energy, a boost to your metabolism, and improvements in your mood. Additionally, short bursts of activity can also help improve hunger levels during the day!

When life is feeling a bit overwhelming, try to incorporate a small, 5 minute moment of activity first thing in the morning to help get your day started in a positive way.

Take a look at the ideas below for sneaking in activity to help support your health when times are busy.

Start Your Day With Activity

Incorporate Family or Friends into Activities

Sneak In Extra Activity When Running Errands or Are At Work


Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated!

As your schedule becomes more busy, do your best to avoid skipping on the sipping! Make sure you travel with a larger water bottle or have that sugar-free beverage close by to get you 64 ounces of water each day. Not staying well hydrated can cause headaches, low energy, feeling light headed, muscle cramps in your legs, calves and feet, and brain fog.

Having your favorite sugar-free beverage around can also be very helpful when water gets a bit boring. 

Check Out These Quick Workouts

Here are some great links for modified exercises and examples of low impact 5-15 minute workouts and stretching activities.

Also, take a look at our article on Fitness Tips for Life After Bariatric Surgery for more information on the importance of exercise after bariatric surgery. 

Katie Ott, MS, RD

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